How It Works

CommonPlace Arts has an ongoing open call for artists, property owners, curators, and volunteers to contribute to the initiative. A standing curatorial committee will be in contact with local artists and property managers to create site-specific installations for vacant storefronts in the historic downtown of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Though the curatorial process will be undertaken by committee, the installation, maintenance, and dismantling of each exhibit will be directly overseen by Sarah Lawson, in order to insure that the greatest respect is given to the spaces so generously provided by property owners. The artist is responsible for providing all installation materials. We will provide volunteer manpower to assist in the installation and removal of the art. Each space will be vacated according to the timeline of the property owners, and left in a condition that is the same or better than it was found.

We will not function as a gallery, but rather as an artspace that is strictly visible from the sidewalk. As such, we will maintain high levels of professionalism and appropriateness in both content and presentation. Additionally, we will create promotional materials and solicit press coverage to bring further attention to the art and the property. Sales and commissions of art or inquiries about the rental space will be handled directly by the artist or property owner, respectively, whose contact information will be provided in the window space.


2 responses to “How It Works

  1. If access to more than the windows could be achieved, much more interesting projects could be accomplished. This has been done successfully in a variety of places in the UK, and I believe that information on those UK projects could be use to “sell” space providers on this.

    • Quite true! Check out LMCC’s Swing Space for an idea of what the project could one day become. Right now, issues of insurance are keeping us limited to closed gallery space and I like to think we’ll be able to creatively take advantage of the limitations.

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