CommonPlace Arts is an initiative intent on providing greater public interaction with artworks. We wish to activate social commentary while also making public spaces more aesthetically relevant. Beauty is not our primary concern, but neither is it completely irrelevant in our endeavors. We hope that, through filling otherwise blank canvases of community space, a broader definition of beauty and art may be contemplated. Our goals are humble: to create awareness of space as a commodity and encourage people to reconsider appropriate uses of community space.

CommonPlace Arts will serve to mediate a relationship between local artists and property owners to allow artworks to be displayed in vacant storefronts. Specifically, we propose an agreement through which property owners will allow temporary installations of art in their unleased storefronts. Though there will be no direct monetary gain, this arrangement will be beneficial to:

a] property owners, as it draws positive attention to spaces available for rent, while simultaneously preventing them from falling into disuse;

b] artists, as it provides exposure for emerging and local artists, while also extending their market to include a greater diversity of audience;

c] local business owners, as it fosters local economic development by increasing pedestrian traffic and enhancing the feeling of a vibrant retail district; and,

d] the community, as it creates a more pleasant walking environment of streets lined with art and provides a stimulus for community discussion of art.


3 responses to “About

  1. Great idea! Looking forward to following the progress!

  2. Greetings Sarah,
    I am Laura Shea, of Night n Day Cleaning Services, Inc. I was referred to you by Margo Smith. She told me of your project and mentioned that you might like some help with the glass cleaning. It would be our pleasure to donate that work to your efforts. Let’s be in touch and strike a plan about the best way to approach this idea.
    Best, Laura Shea

    Much love – much respect > GK

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