Salena Hitzeman at 505 East Main Street

This morning, we installed artwork by Salena Hitzeman in the windows at 505 East Main Street. Be sure to take a look if you’re in the neighborhood and view more photos here!

Some other exciting news is that we are partnering with Night-n-Day Cleaning Services to make sure the windows housing our installations stay sparkling clean and eye-catching.

Also, be sure to watch the premiere episode of Arts Spotlight on cable access TV10 (also viewable online) to see an interview with Sarah Lawson, Director of CommonPlace Arts.

Finally, artist Reko Rennie is now on display at the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection. If you like his pink kangaroos and are curious to see more of his work, it’s definitely worth the drive.


4 responses to “Salena Hitzeman at 505 East Main Street

  1. I have an idea for an exhibit. It requires 3 dimensions, though. And I’m wondering if any of the vacant properties have considered letting more than just the windows be used, for a temporary studio inviting the public to come and have a taster session on the skills being used and comment on the artwork in progress.

    • Quite true! Check out LMCC’s Swing Space for an idea of what the project could one day become. Right now, issues of insurance are keeping us limited to closed gallery space and I like to think we’ll be able to creatively take advantage of the limitations.

  2. An example of what they’re doing in England to use as amunition i convincing owners and managers to let you use more than just their windows:
    Down in South London, Tooting Market have been housing a successful art space, which you can read about in Aoife Twomey’s blog here:

    They’d like more of the same, and to help new businesses get started in the market have three spaces available rent-free for three months. It’s a lovely, art deco space with loads of potential, and the management are already investing money in transforming the interior.

    I’d like to invite you down to see the spaces on Saturday 26th February, from 12 noon-4pm. Just drop in any time, and I’ll be there with Roi the market manager

    Find the market here:

    Please spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested – and check out for more spaces across the country, from the Shetlands to the Isle of Wight!

  3. Swing Space is marvelous. I lived in NYC for years, and one of the best things was how intensely space was used. A neighborhood hardware store held poetry readings after hours. Past a door in the back of a retail space was a small theater.
    By the way, the UK empty shops folks have also dealt with the insurance challenge. In fact, they have published a downloadable “tool kit” for empty shops projects.

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