Kettle & Cork: Artistic Spaces

As part of New City Arts Initiative’s ongoing Kettle & Cork reading series, a handful of people met this morning at Cafe Cubano to discuss public art and its potential for community revitalization. It was a great chance to mull over some of the details of CommonPlace Arts, and consider some of the potential outgrowths of the project in the future.

In the meantime, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be installing our inaugural windows tomorrow. The locations and artists are still a secret, but keep an eye out for details and photos!


One response to “Kettle & Cork: Artistic Spaces

  1. To
    I saw the kangaroo display at the downtown mall today and think that sharing arts with the general Charlottesville public is a great idea.
    I am a local artist, too. Have just completed an wonderful oil of three large rabbits in a field with a mountain backdrop. got the idead that you might try doing an easter window with my rabbit scene as part of it. The painting is approx 28 by 32 inches. Do let me know what yu think of an Easter display. Shelly

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